My #YearOfYouVoxBox

This is kind of fun…I don’t consider myself a beauty blogger by any means, but I started using Influenster to review products and a fun feature they have is sending products for free for you to try out and review!

I recently received a Vox Box from Influenster that included

  1. A jar of Classico Organic Pasta Sauce
  2. One pair of “Triple Push-Up” false lashes by KISS Lashes
  3. One bottle of Suave Dry Spray deoderant
  4. A bottle of Gold Bond Overnight Lotion

I was surprised by the wide range of products sent and enjoyed trying them all out!
*All of these products were sent to me complimentary for testing and honest reviewing!*

  1. Classico Sauce
    My family and I cooked up some gluten free spaghetti and homemade meatballs and served it with this sauce on top. All I have to say is YUM! Even my dad who swears he doesn’t like “red sauce” loved it…so that’s really saying something! Most jars of pasta sauce are watered down and lacking in flavor, but not this…for real, it was delicious and I would definitely have it again!!
  2. Triple Push Up Lashes
    So, I’m not really someone who wears falsies regularly. I love how they look and enjoy wearing them for formal occasions like weddings, etc. but I have to say I loved the drama of these lashes. I’m traveling this weekend and decided to wear them anyway to test them out and I think they look great! U5jZm2otTfiOX3jLzpV4RA
  3. Suave Dry Spray
    I have been using natural deoderants for years now and I have found one I love SO much, so trying out a new deoderant wasn’t anywhere on my radar. Although I will be sticking with my natural deoderants in the future, this is NOT a bad option. I really like how quick and easy it is and it would make the perfect gym bag addition for a quick refresh between events or the gym and work! Just a quick spritz and you’re good to go!
  4. Gold Bond Overnight Lotion
    Again with the preference of natural products disclaimer, this is not a product I would typically grab off the shelf, but I wasn’t upset about getting this to try! Especially considering the extremely dry air winter has brought to the midwest, this lotion is the thickest I have ever seen and was extremely moisturizing. Dry skin, beware! You’re no match for this stuff!

Have you tried any of these products? Do you love them too?? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for other products you love! 🙂



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I am an ordained minister and have my M.A. in Theology & Culture. I have worked with church plants across the United States, served with ministries in France and Turkey, and spent years working against sex trafficking alongside incredible organizations. I believe that theology is for everyone, and that’s why I’m passionate about teaching and mentoring believers in their faith journey.

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