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Have you ever wanted to attend seminary but haven’t had tens of thousands of dollars to invest, let alone the hours in the week required to complete essays and assignments?

Have you ever wondered how theology could be implemented in your daily life as someone working in the marketplace or as a stay-at-home parent? 

What if there was a cohort of like-minded individuals who desire to grow in their knowledge of theology while being mentored and championed in their calling?

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Politics + Hope

Don’t pretend like casting your ballot was your one-and-done act for the next 4 years. Cast your ballot, then GO AND DO.

Reformation Day and Taking a Stand Against Corruption

Yesterday was Reformation Day, the day we remember Marin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg Germany. That day, October 31, 1517 is seen as the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, when doctrines like justification were brought to the forefront after years of Christians being told they had to […]

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