Review: Literarily by Kristie Anyabwile

Literarily Book Review for IG If you’ve been around this site for any amount of time, you know that I believe that theology is for everyone.  Earlier this year Moody Publishers sent me this book by Kristie Anyabwile and asked me to share my thoughts, believing that this could be a great resource for YOU!Continue reading “Review: Literarily by Kristie Anyabwile”

A Weary World Rejoices

Every year, this month rushes by in a blur. We’re trying to take in all the beauty and wonder of Christmas, while remembering the reason for it’s wonder. And yet, we’re often distracted by the parties, the gift exchanges, the family arrangements, the overwhelm.  I keep thinking about a phrase in that one Christmas song…”aContinue reading “A Weary World Rejoices”

Gifts For The Theologian In Your Life

Here is a curated list of gift ideas for the caffeinated theologian or pastor in your life!

Priscilla | Women in the Bible

Bold in her faith, Priscilla and Aquila had been cast out of Rome for their beliefs. Paul wrote that not only were they “coworkers in Christ Jesus” but that hey had “risked their own necks for his life” (Rm 16:3-4), at a time when persecution was a very present reality.

DEBORAH | Women in the Bible

During a time when the Israelites were living under the 20-year period of oppression of the Canaanites, we find Deborah, whose name is an anagram of “she spoke,” and who is referred to as lappidoth esheth or “woman of torches/fiery woman,” serving as a judge of Israel (Jg 4:4). Part of her role as judgeContinue reading “DEBORAH | Women in the Bible”

HAGAR | Women in the Bible

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ll be diving into discussions about just a few of the incredible women we encounter in scripture. To kick off this series, we’re talking about Hagar; the seemingly side-character in the story of Abraham and Sarah, Hagar is often seen as the victim of Abraham and Sarah’s lack ofContinue reading “HAGAR | Women in the Bible”

Reformation Day and Taking a Stand Against Corruption

Yesterday was Reformation Day, the day we remember Marin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg Germany. That day, October 31, 1517 is seen as the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, when doctrines like justification were brought to the forefront after years of Christians being told they had toContinue reading “Reformation Day and Taking a Stand Against Corruption”

What I’m Loving This Month February 2020

February has flown by! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things I’ve been using, reading and loving this month! The Rise of ChristianityI am reading this for one of my Master of Divinity classes, and it has been, hands down, my favorite book of the semester. It’s a mixtureContinue reading “What I’m Loving This Month February 2020”

Because of Christ

It was really special to celebrate the resurrection here while doing ministry, keeping at the forefront of my mind the beauty of the redemption and transformation we have in Christ. The hope and life we have in Christ is unmatched and unattainable through any other outlet or option we might find in this life. ThisContinue reading “Because of Christ”