Gifts For The Theologian In Your Life

Here is a curated list of gift ideas for the caffeinated theologian or pastor in your life!

Women Who Ministered in the Bible

If Christians were meant to be against women in ministry, we would have to denounce and ignore all of the women who were examples throughout the Bible. Both the Old and New Testaments give clear examples for us (and this list is not exhaustive):

Priscilla | Women in the Bible

Bold in her faith, Priscilla and Aquila had been cast out of Rome for their beliefs. Paul wrote that not only were they “coworkers in Christ Jesus” but that hey had “risked their own necks for his life” (Rm 16:3-4), at a time when persecution was a very present reality.

JAEL | Women in the Bible

In Judges 4-5, we find Jael, picking up where we left Deborah. Jael, a Kenite woman, is met by Sisera, the general of the Canaanite army that had just been defeated, swept away by a storm. He flees to Jael’s tent. Now, Jael was possibly the wife of a man named Heber, however “heber” canContinue reading “JAEL | Women in the Bible”

HAGAR | Women in the Bible

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ll be diving into discussions about just a few of the incredible women we encounter in scripture. To kick off this series, we’re talking about Hagar; the seemingly side-character in the story of Abraham and Sarah, Hagar is often seen as the victim of Abraham and Sarah’s lack ofContinue reading “HAGAR | Women in the Bible”

Politics + Hope

Don’t pretend like casting your ballot was your one-and-done act for the next 4 years. Cast your ballot, then GO AND DO.

Christian Community and Covid-19

Maybe you’re thinking things seem a little scary right now. Maybe you are getting email after email from businesses and companies that are sharing their plans for functioning in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and so you can’t think of much else. Maybe you hear the word pandemic and you want to crawl intoContinue reading “Christian Community and Covid-19”

Why Are Christians So Afraid of Politics?

In my OT Theology course, we’ve been talking about the Kingdom of God in Isaiah, which talks about the establishment of God’s reign over the whole earth, meaning the rebuilding and restoration of Israel, spiritual renewal, and being giving prominence among the nations. It points toward a kingdom of peace like the return of Eden.Continue reading “Why Are Christians So Afraid of Politics?”