Why Are Christians So Afraid of Politics?

In my OT Theology course, we’ve been talking about the Kingdom of God in Isaiah, which talks about the establishment of God’s reign over the whole earth, meaning the rebuilding and restoration of Israel, spiritual renewal, and being giving prominence among the nations. It points toward a kingdom of peace like the return of Eden.

Although this imagery can be interpreted spiritually, there is this imagery of a natural or physical interpretation.

My favourite OT example of a political leader is Joseph (Gn. 37-50). God used him in the political sphere being someone who heard from God, he was able to lead the people with wisdom and discernment.

We really see how God protected the people and they were blessed and able to survive and thrive in a time that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise because of someone being in a political office that could listen to the voice of God and give direction to the people.

The political and public sphere tend to be surrounded by divisiveness and abuse, but what if Christians began to lead for the sake of operating like Christ, refusing to use faith as an endorsement for the sake of agendas?

Society’s approval shifts so quickly and so we cannot be stuck in the mentality of doing as society does. Being governed by our faith means remaining faithful through times when it might be easy to follow Christ, and others when it might be difficult.

Maybe, if Christians stopped shying away from political issues, it could become a platform for unity, for restoration, for good.

Christians should be the ones driving the force of change in the public sphere. Rather than shying away from difficult topics because of their lack of popularity or appeasing-abilities. Believers are meant to be Christ-like, and being like Christ equates to operating in a way that is pleasing and glorifying to God.

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