Gender Accurate Bible Translations

Prompted by a discussion the other day over on instagram concerning women in ministry, when I encouraged people to get a gender-accurate translation of the bible, a few of you reached out, asking which versions are gender-accurate.

Here are some translations that are more accurate when it comes to the pronouns used, according to the research and comparison I’ve done so far: CEB, NRSV, TEV, TNIV.

I don’t exclusively read any of these. In fact, my go-to version is CSB for overall higher accuracy, but I do frequently read whatever I’m reading in multiple translations. I feel that this is one of the only ways to get a better picture and understanding of what I’m studying because no one translation will get it all right.

I want to also emphasize that I’m not recommending the use of a gender-neutral bible, because there’s a difference and that can also be problematic. We have to remember that there ARE beautiful differences between the genders and so we don’t want to minimize that either! 

I’m going to do a series on “God & Gender” sometime in the near future because I think it’s something we should be talking about! 

We refer to God as a man and particularly a Father super often, but God is not a man. God is also not a woman. But the fact that we always refer to God as “he” we leave out all the other attributes of God’s character. If I were to refer to God as “she” or “her” it would make a lot of us uncomfortable, or maybe even cause people to call me a heretic. But if God created both man and woman in his (see?) image, this clues us into the “maternal” side of God’s character as well!

Fun fact: did you know that when the Holy Spirit/Spirit of God is mentioned in scripture, it’s feminine or neuter? 😱

Another thing we need to take into account though with it ALL is that in the Hebrew and Greek, the gender language doesn’t hold the same physical connotations that we apply to those things in English…anyway, there’s just so much to talk about here!

I know, it’s hard and uncomfortable, but so necessary to talk about if we want to stop limiting all that God is, and in turn, re-evaluate the way we see God’s creation as well!

So, there’s a little unintentional preview for you. 😉

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