Ministry Burnout: Let’s Check In

Let’s Talk About Ministry Burnout.
Why is this even a thing? I think the main problem is that oftentimes, we have stopped going to the source to be filled again. We continually pour out, give, minister, until we’re operating out of a place of sheer emptiness and lack. We’ve prioritised people-pleasing habits rather than a Christ-pleasing lifestyle.
When we do this, this benefits no one. This is not sustainable and it’s not biblical.

In his article “9 Signs You’re Burning Out in Leadership” Carey Nieuwhof listed these things:
1. Your motivation has faded
2. Your main emotion is ‘numbness’
3. People drain you
4. Little things make you disproportionately angry
5. You’re becoming cynical
6. Your productivity is dropping
7. You’re self-medicating – overeating, overworking, drinking, impulsive spending, drugs, etc.
8. You don’t laugh anymore
9. Sleep and time off no longer refuel you

Do any of these “symptoms” sound familiar? It’s time to do something about it. 
The first step is to seek professional help – get yourself to a counselor or medical doctor if needed.

Revisit everything you’re doing. I mean every. single. thing. and determine what needs to go, what needs a break, what needs to be re-evaluated, and what needs to continue. 
Keep going, but do it in a healthier way.

You need to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Prioritize sabbath, pray, read scripture, be in life-giving relationships, take care of your body.

You are the only person who can take care of your soul, and the only one who can fight for it.

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